When a client sits in my chair for the first time one of the things that I hear most often during the consultation is “my hair is so dry!” The first thing I ask is “how often to do you shampoo your hair?” More often then not, my client’s response is “every day, because if I don’t it gets oily.”

Here is what is actually happening and how you can fix these problems. When you wash your hair every day, you are essentially removing ALL of your natural oils, causing your hair to feel dry and maybe even straw-like. These oils that you are washing away are extremely beneficial if you want shiny, smooth, and healthy hair.

So then why do you get oily so quickly? To put it simply, this happens when your scalp feels overly dry and imbalanced, your body will try to overcompensate and produce MORE oil. Causing you to feel extra oily by the end of the day.

How can you fix this? Try starting out by washing every other day, and eventually every few days. In between washes, wet your hair in the shower and massage your scalp as if you were shampooing (but without shampoo). This will distribute your natural oils evenly through your hair, acting as a natural conditioner. You can even run a bit of conditioner through your ends to make your hair smell nice! And lastly, grab yourself a little dry shampoo and make sure you are thoroughly brushing your hair every day

Thanks for reading my quick tip, I am sure you too will experience the joy of lustrous hair, that is neither too oily, or too dry. See you in the salon! – Kristen Marie