Teresa Patton


The Interview

Where are you from?


What schools have you attended?

Too many

When did you start doing hair?


Start working in the beauty industry?

When I was 19,

Where have you worked as a stylist? States?

Missouri, Florida, Colorado, Kansas. Salons? Regis, my own salons and now Ideologie

What personal interests do you have?

I’m just personally interested in doing a great job at whatever I’m doing.

What positive highlights stand out in your life?

The birth of my children. Serving and ministering to the less fortunate. The purchases of our homes. Running my salons.

What do you like about being a hair stylist?

The creativity, the challenges and making others feel and look good.

What drew you to this field?

The field drew me 😁

How long have you been working as a hair stylist?

More than 25 years 😲

What is the direction or approach that you take with your clients?

To Immediately make them feel welcome and comfortable.

What’s your goal for them?

That they leave feeling and looking their best.

What makes you unique in this industry/salon?

As a person, I care about people.

As a hair designer, I listen and execute their vision.

Words to live by?

The only Word to live by – the Word Of God

What’s your motto?

Gal 2:20

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