Sandie Tucker


Sandie Tucker is originally from Oklahoma City, and spent her shool-age years in Tulsa. Before leaving Tulsa, she graduated from Redlands College. Her road to Florida also included a stop in the great state of Texas. Once arriving in Florida, she originally settled in the Ocala area, more specifically in Summerfield. Sandie earned her degree in Cosmetology from the Redken Salon Professional Academy of the Villages in 2006. After her Redken education, she soon began plying her trade for 8 years in the Summerfield area. In late 2014, she and her family relocated to the Deland area, and are now so happy to call it home.


“The salon isn’t only for receiving a fancy service, but a place for a rejuvenation of the mind and spirit.” While hair styling has been a longtime love of Sandie’s, there came a moment when she realized this was a field with the potential for continuous growth where endless opportunities presented themselves as gifts of knowledge. The salon has allowed her to transform this “love” into a career full of possibility and personal growth. When you develop a relationship with a client over the years, you begin to learn about that person’s life experiences with the time they spend in your chair. You see and hear about their lives; from their new car, their promotion at work, their children’s success at school, down to their vacation photos on their iPhone. The client becomes a storybook for you to open and read the next chapter in their lives, and this happens each time they visit.


When Sandie is learning about each client’s “story”, the first essential step to get a grasp on the individual’s overall lifestyle. A stylist needs to understand not only how much time they can ideally afford to spend on their hair, what the end result of that amount of work will yield, and of course most importantly what they do and do not like. As their “story” continues, it is important to continue to set goals for each visit ensuring the client is aware that as a team we are always working toward something special. Even for a random “Tuesday touchup”, we can still create options to make their hair versatile.


When not doing hair, Sandie enjoys spending time with her family, and participating in any sport that has her out of the house with her two young children. In addition to her love of poetry and creative writing, she is also a horticultural hobbyist; she propagates and grows succulents.

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