Samantha Braden


 Samantha joined our team in November of 2019, specializing in color, balayage, and special event hair styling. Get to know her better in the below interview:

Welcome to the team at Ideologié! Lets start with a little bit bout your background and where you are from. Where are you from Originally?


Ohio! Do you play Euchre?

LOL! Yes I play Euchre.

What schools have you attended?

AIB in St. Petersburg, and the hair design school in Florence Kentucky

When did you start doing hair? Start working in the beauty industry?

I started school when I was 17, and then went to work when I was 21.

Where have you worked as a stylist? States? Salons?

I have worked in Cincinnati, Tallahassee, St. Petersburg, Hollywood, now happy to be here in Ormond Beach.

What personal interests do you have?

I like to workout and hang with my kids.

What positive highlights stand out in your life? Yes I really want you to TRY to answer?

I would have to say that my family is the most positive thing in my life.

What do you like about being a hair stylist?

I love making people feel beautiful.

What drew you to this field?

I am just meant to do hair.

How long have you been working as a hair stylist?

11 years total

What is the direction or approach that you take with your clients? What’s your goal for them?

I try to make a goal and a plan of action with each client to achieve their desired look.

What makes you unique in this industry/salon? As a person? as a hair designer?

I have the ability to gain the trust of each client because they can tell it’s my passion to make them leave happy

Words to live by? What’s your motto?

Don’t forget to drink water and get sun. You are basically a house plant with more complicated emotions.

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