Oribe Product FAQ

Are Oribe products paraben free?

Yes, all Oribe products are paraben free. We have formulated without parabens in order to go above and beyond the industry standards. Our products are designed to the highest level of performance, efficacy and luxury – and spare no effort to achieve those high levels.

Do Oribe products use alcohol?

Yes, in order to maintain a high level of performance, a certain amount of alcohols are necessary in specific formulations. However, they are cosmetic-grade alcohols that do not dry or strip the hair. As a result, you can get the style you want without the negative effects that alcohols are sometimes associated with.

Are Oribe products sulfate free?

Yes, the majority of Oribe’s products are sulfate free. The products that contain sulfates are: Signature Shampoo, Shampoo for Beautiful Color and Shampoo for Brilliance & Shine. The sulfates used in the products above are Sodium Laureth Sulfate and TEA-Lauryl Sulfate. These are ultra-mild surfactants derived from coconut oil.

Why are Oribe products formulated without sodium chloride?

Sodium Chloride can affect keratin-treated hair because it has been shown to break down keratin bonds in hair. All Oribe Hair Care products are formulated without direct addition of sodium chloride for this reason.

Are Oribe products color safe?

Yes, all Oribe products are safe for color treated hair.

What is the extra benefit that Shampoo for Beautiful Color offers?

Shampoo for Beautiful Color goes a step further and not only protects the color, but also helps preserve it. Bioflavonoids, a natural ingredient that is responsible for giving fruits their vibrant pigments, helps protect the hair’s color from fading and discoloration by blocking harmful environmental stressors. Also, since color processing tends to make the hair drier, the shampoo has Baobab Tree Extract, an African plant known for its hydration storage. This ingredient helps the hair retain its moisture longer, especially after constant coloring. Shampoo for Beautiful Color also offers increased levels of UV protection.

Why do Oribe products offer UV protection?

The ozone naturally filters out some UVB light, but does very little to protect against UVA light. Excessive sun exposure can wreak havoc on the hair leading to color loss (from UVA rays) and dry out or damage the hair shaft itself through moisture and protein loss (from UVB rays). All Oribe products contain ingredients which offer UV protection, that is, they help to filter UVA and UVB light from the sun. By adding these UV protectants to Oribe products we can minimize the negative effects the sun’s rays have on hair.

What fragrance is used in the products?

The signature fragrance was specially designed by a French perfumer exclusively for Oribe. The seductive scent is used throughout the line, creating a consistency that allows the customer to mix the different products without worry that the scents do not match. The fragrance is gentle enough that it does not interfere with the wearer’s own perfume, but vibrant enough to enhance the in-shower experience. The official description of the fragrance is as follows: “The signature scent awakens with hints of citrus-soaked Italian bergamot, pink lemons, white peach, cassis and muguet, balanced with Aomori apples and leafy greens. Cedarwood, white amber and musk lend their soft woody notes, while Cuba’s national flower, la mariposa blanca, creates a sensual and invigorating experience throughout the day.”

Does Oribe test its products or raw materials on animals?

Oribe Hair Care has a strong commitment to animal welfare and does not directly or indirectly perform animal testing on any of our products.

Are Oribe products vegetarian/vegan?

Almost all Oribe products are vegetarian. Those products that are not vegetarian contain ingredients derived from pearl or conchiolin. The following products are not vegetarian: Conditioner for Brilliance & Shine and the Illuminating Face Palette. For more details on which products are vegan see individual product pages.

Are Oribe products 100% natural?

Oribe uses only the finest ingredients in our products, many of which are natural ingredients. However, in the pursuit to provide uncompromised performance, many of our ingredients are specially formulated and often synthetically derived.

Are Oribe products gluten free?

All Oribe products are gluten free.

Do Oribe products contain silicone?

Yes, we strategically utilize high performance silicones in many of our products to achieve just the right amount of slip and feel, leaving hair moisturized and protected. The silicones we use are of a higher quality compared to many of our competitors. Lower grade silicones act as ‘fillers’ which can build up, leaving hair weighed down and overloaded.

Where can I find a full ingredient list?

All ingredients are listed on the product cartons. For key ingredients and their functions see individual product pages.

More About Oribe 

Oribe Hair Care. For the Hair-Obsessed.

Oribe Hair Care began its journey in 2008. Good. Better. Best. Those were the classifications found in all beauty categories except hair care. For co-founders Daniel Kaner and Tevya Finger, it was time to create a pivot in the market, and the perfect collaborator was discovered in Oribe Canales. The brand blends craftsmanship, performance and decades of styling experience from the top of the editorial and salon worlds to create a new category in hair care

Today, Oribe is a best-selling, award-winning brand that has sparked deep connections with its consumers.

The Luxury of Performance

At the outset, Oribe Canales felt strongly that his products should push the boundaries of performance. He wanted stylists and consumers to not just see — but feel — the difference. The founders worked with innovation labs and specialty collaborators around the world to create custom formulations that truly surpassed anything in the marketplace.

The result is a line of luxurious products that is unique in every category: gels that condition, oils that hold, sprays that don’t flake, skincare-grade shampoos that prep hair for styling and gently balance the scalp, masques that have the richness and body of a lavish moisturizing cream. And that’s just the beginning. Each product is tested extensively backstage and on set to ensure that it outperforms everything else.

While the products are ultra-high-tech, the formulations are clean and modern — formulated without parabens and sodium chloride. All the products are gluten-free, cruelty-free, color and keratin treatment safe and have UV protection for hair. They perform like magic.

The Fragrance

While most companies select a scent from a stock fragrance library, Oribe Hair Care was the first to use a fine fragrance in its hair products. The brand collaborated with a legendary 19th-century perfume house to blend its signature fragrance, Côte d’Azur. Embodying the glamour and warmth of the French Riviera, the bright, seductive, shared scent awakens with hints of sun-drenched Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian orange, Aomori apples and leafy greens. Sandalwood, vetiver and crisp amber lend their soft, woody notes, while tuberose and white butterfly jasmine, from Oribe’s native Cuba, create a sensuous and invigorating experience. The fragrance runs through the line to compose a beautiful experience for the hair — and spirit.