Maggie Isidore

Brought to you by way of New York. Maggie has attended Capri Institute of Cosmetology in Paramus New Jersey as well as attending certification schools in New York City at the Matrix Global Academy, Shinbi International Corp., and The Redken Exchange, Jingles, Alphaparf, Paul Mitchell, Scruples, and International Smart Tan Inc..

Maggie was a young girl when she began loving to playing with hair, playing with barbie dolls, always cutting and braiding – even trying to change their hair color with anything ( kool aid, markers, raspberries, etc.) Maggie started in the industry right after graduating from High School, while working for her father in his book shop. She realized that she didn’t want to do something like that forever.

She needed her own exciting career.

While Maggie was still in school she worked in Lord and Taylor’s salon as an assistant to the owner for a short time, however her father needed her to work for him, thus she had to choose. After Graduating from Capri in November of 1990, She worked at The Main Event in New City, NY as an assistant for a very large group of stylists. Maggie was not going to assist forever, that is when she began working with Hans Maxem’s Salon in Westwood ,NJ. This is where she grew into a colorist and a hair designer for men, women, and children. No one was left out. She stayed and built up a massive clientele for 11 years. She then decided she needed more for her career. With her husband as a partner  they opened their own salon in Chestnut Ridge, NY.

“Maggie’s Place” opened on Jan 2, 2001 and was quite a ride. All of her clients were so excited for her, they were as supportive as a family and collected more along the way through the eight years in operation. Maggie and her family felt the need for a change, that’s when they decided to move closer to her best friend who lived in Ormond Beach. This move was  in July of 2008. With her new life in Ormond Beach she needed a new job. She found Salon Delbrugge, known now as Idéologie Salon. Her talents and experience shining clearly, she was hired right away and has never looked back.

Maggie has many interests, including creativity, drawing, painting, and styling hair, working out, and trying to be an overall  healthy person.

Maggie’s positive highlights of her life have always been her career, family and friends. She enjoys being a hairstylist because she has the ability to make people feel good about themselves. Clients talk freely with her about anything without judgement. She loves being around people, being creative is what drew her to this field.

Maggie always tries to make each client feel comfortable with her, her goal is to make them happy about their experience. She feels that her unique quality is the ability to listen to what people are looking for. She can tell what the desired direction for their hair design is, and how to help them achieve it on a daily basis.

Maggie’s words of wisdom: “It is what it is. Life is too short. Don’t wait around for something to change, you have to get out there and do it! “

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