Lissie Belcher


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    Q & A with Lissie

    What personal interests do you have?

    “I love camping, fishing, hiking and always up for most any adventure! I’ll try anything twice! Haha!”

    What positive highlights stand out in your life?

    “My nieces and nephew being born”

    What do you like about being a hair stylist?

    “I love to make people happy, I love to see people smile and I love being around awesome positive people!”

    What drew you to this field?

    “Everyone has always asked me that question. I started into the industry super early, I would have to say it was my draw towards fashion that brought me into this field.”

    How long have you been working as a hair stylist?

    “Since birth! Haha 32 years (counting my early years in the salon)”

    If you were not a stylist what other field of work would interest  you?

    “Flowers, photography, race car driver, or a fisherman (fisherwoman) haha!”

    What makes you unique in this industry/salon, as an individual or stylist?

    “I would say I feel I’m most unique in my industry because I like to make every day FUN and enjoy every single experience with each of my clients! I truly love getting to know my clients and us both having a great experience together as we have fun making my client feel beautiful!”

    What’s your motto?

    “It’s all good, no stress, everything is gonna be ok” And I actually do have that imprinted in my brain and live by that!”

    NY or LA?

    “Definitely NY”

    London or Paris?


    Ski trip or Island cruse?

    “Ski trip”

    One thing people wouldn’t guess about you?


    Craziest thing you’ve ever done to your hair?

    “OMG! When I was 14 I went to a hair show and had my hair shaved off on one side and asymmetric, actually really cool and cute haircut! My mom was a little freaked out! It was super edgy and ahead of its time but it was cute! Haha!”

    Most exciting thing you’ve ever done?

    “Jumped out of a perfectly good working airplane at 16,000 feet!”

    What do you enjoy doing on the weekends?

    “Anything creative or active”

    Favorite vacation?

    “Traveled around India”

    If you were on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would you bring?

    “A knife, a pot and a lighter”

    What book would you choose to read if it was the only book you would have for the rest of your life?

    “Conversations with God”

    If your were 80 years old what would you tell your children?

    “Don’t have children” LOL! Only because I don’t have any children!!”

    What superpower would you like to have?

    “To fly!!!”

    You have to establish a menu of three food items at the restaurant that you will dine at for the rest of your life. What are those three dishes?

    “Corn on the cob, King crab legs and king size Hershey bar!”

    Who would you most like to share a cup of coffee or tea with?

    “My late sister, Marci (and Jim Morrison)”

    Favorite quote?

    “It’s allllll good”