Landra Roberson


The Interview:


So let us dive right in! Where are you from?

I am from Golden, CO We like our beer!

What schools have you attended?

Golden High School,  and then Empire Beauty.

When did you start doing hair?

I have been professionally doing hair for about 10 years. 

Where have you worked as a stylist?

I started at 25th Avenue Salon in Edgewater CO, the I was at Hazel and Harley, Denver (-Kristen sidenote: I have been there, it is awesome, and is next door to an excellent neighborhood bar/restaurant. Highly recommended if you are in Denver!)

What personal interests do you have?
I enjoy painting, interior decorating, and of course cooking! 

What positive highlights stand out in your life?
Definitely marrying the man of my dreams and getting to do what I love every day. 

What do you like about being a hairstylist?
Getting to be creative and meeting interesting people everyday is by far the best part of this career!

What drew you to this field?
Hair is beautiful and says a lot about a person’s life. Being able to bring someone’s vision of how they want to represent themselves through how their hair looks is very rewarding. 

What is the direction or approach that you take with your clients? What’s your goal for them?
I like to let people just talk and I’ll listen.  Clients will tell you so much about what their needs are if you just listen for subtle clues. I love to find easy, low maintenance cut and colors for people that are realistic for their lifestyles. 

What makes you unique in this industry/salon? As a person? as a hair designer?
Everyone’s hair is different and requires a different approach and I treat it as such. I like to think outside the box and create something custom for each of my clients. 

Words to live by? What’s your motto?
Kind of cheesy, but, YOLO! You never know what tomorrow may bring, so live life to the fullest!

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