Kristen Alexsandra


A native of Volusia County, Kristen began her education in the field of beauty early in her life. At age 16 (and an early high school graduate) she became a licensed nail specialist and esthetician at Cindy Lee’s Facial and Nail Institute. Immediately following, Kristen completed her cosmetology education at Daytona State College. Motivated to produce both a healthy and elegant look for her clientele, she has continued to explore a range of classes expanding her technical portfolio.

Kristen began to adore beautiful hair and what could be done with it at a young age, as did her interest in pursuing it as a career. After completing her education, she began her career at Shannon’s Salon, and The Day Spa At Pelican Bay simultaneously. Soon after her cosmetology training was complete she made the seamless transition into an exclusive position as a hairstylist. From the start Kristen planned one day to own a salon, and to create an open, peaceful environment that all clients and stylists were comfortable to experiment within. Like so many events in life, opportunity often comes when you least expect it, and she was able to purchase Shannon’s Salon in July of 2007. This was just five years after she took her seat behind the nail station, and four years after becoming a stylist at the very same salon. Established in 1993 Ideologie has been in the same location since its inception. The journey of creating her vision of the perfect salon has been a product of desire, and accelerated by a tremendous team of powerful talent.

Dance has been Kristen’s first passion all of her expanding life. At three years old she began her love affair with ballet at The Volusia Academy Of Ballet with master Nobuko Walls. She has danced in a variety of trained styles along the way to her latest pleasure of ballroom dancing with The Lawrence Dance Studio.

Kristen loves learning about people and can credit her clients as those who have given her education and insight that is priceless. One thing she carries with her is the lesson of thankfulness; and what a gift that can be to many.

Be thankful for what you have positive or not.
Remember that everything is about perspective.
Perspective is all about your vantage point.

Every day her goal is to listen to each person sitting with her as though they are the only person she will see all day, and to understand their personal image. Kristen wants to help people with small things like the finishing touches as well as larger issues they have with their look; Clients need a stylists advice and expertise when it comes time to redirect their look when they don’t know which direction to take from their current look. She wants her clients to feel completely comfortable and thrilled with all aspects of the experience, including both hair and stylist. It is not only listening, but putting forth all of her effort into producing what you desire, even if the client cannot put that into exact words.

The freedom to transform, create, and modify is what drew her into this field. Like so much in life the events that happen in a salon are ever-changing.

The truth of our Life has a flavor that the sheltered & blind will never know.
Choose to be honest.
Never steal someone’s right to the truth.

Kristen is not currently accepting new clients.