Emily Urquhart


Emily is from New Smyrna Beach,  and has lived in the area her entire life. She attended school at Calvary Christian academy, then obtained her cosmetology education at the Paul Mitchell School in Jacksonville. she graduated with Honors in the “Phase Two” program. She began work at Idéologie Salon in mid-2012 and hasn’t looked back.

On a personal level, she enjoys working out, eating great food, coaching fine arts for the youth, going to the dog beach with her dog Maddielove, dancing, singing, and doing hair!

Since she is so new to the business, she feels like her youth and  love of the work is what differentiates her from the rest of her team. “I am happiest  especially when I can be creative. I am a very happy person who loves to stay proactive and busy.”

Emily enjoys her work most as it enables her to create new styles and ideas for people. It’s a lot of fun and the best part is feeling like you made someone else happy. She often feels like she was born to do hair, from playing with every one of my barbies to secretly cutting my best friends hair in the bathroom at the age of 9. My family let me cut and color their hair at a young age and I fell in love with the excitement of creating. Her overall goal for her clients is to make them feel as comfortable as possible and allow them to explain completely what they would like. Communication is key, and I want to create exactly what they would like.

 “Listen without interrupting. Speak without accusing. Give without sparing. Pray without ceasing. Answer without arguing. Share without pretending. Enjoy without complaint. Trust without wavering. Forgive without punishing. Promise without forgetting. “-Proverbs et.al.


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